Since a young age Liz has struggled to fit in. Her traditional Christian upbringing is always at odds with her environment; she’s self-conscious about her weight; she feels attracted to other women and doesn’t know why. When her pain comes to a boiling point she makes a decision–one that marks a radical turning point in her life.

Walk with Liz as she struggles with fear, rejection, grief, substance abuse, her sexuality, and above all things, her faith. Witness the beautiful transformation of one woman in her quest to find both herself and God. Sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious, and always totally honest, The God of My Parents is a message of hope and a testament to His redemptive power.

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Liz has written a transparent book that reflects a life of struggles.  She pulls no punches but speaks from her heart with humor and hope. Highly enjoyable and challenging.
Jan Timen

Co-Senior Pastor, Rivergate Church, OR

Liz is a great story teller! I felt as though I was walking through her life with her. She’s bravely honest and brings a message of hope.




I wish I could draw a witty comparison between this book and some other Christian-based memoir you have read before, but I can’t. With “The God of my Parents”, Liz has covered the topics of fear, grief, sexuality, and faith with a transparency and vulnerability uncommon in most books on these topics. And she does it with such honesty, finesse, and light-hearted clarity that the reader is never weighed down by the subject matter. Instead, you experience the unwavering, pursuing love of a God that wants to reconcile each of us to Him and the hope that only He can bring.
Mrs B

Middle School Teacher

The saddest part of this book is when it ended. Everyone can identify with a piece of Liz’s story. She peels back the layers of her life and reveals the process she took to find health and wholeness. It is a beautiful story. You will laugh and cry. You will find yourself challenged, encouraged and hungry for more.

BSSM Staff, Bethel Church

While reading The God of My Parents, I was encouraged by Liz’s ability to honestly tell her story. She certainly has the ability to relate to people on a real and humorous level.