I’m sitting at a lovely dining room table in a vacation rental in Orlando, Florida. There’s a bowl of fake fruit sitting in front of me as I write, reminding me that upon first arrival, I was fooled once again by realistic apple art. Fake flowers I get, but fake fruit…that’s just cruel.

Since we moved, two big life, hey-did-that-just-happen, thingamajiggers have taken place. I turned forty on November second and I launched my second book. Nevertheless, life doesn’t stop for second books or fortieth birthdays. It doesn’t stop and ask you if you’d like to pause to celebrate goals accomplished, or to pause to celebrate anything for that matter. Life is rolling by like big waves in the sea and doesn’t ask for directions. You have to pick up your boogie board and ride those big, sloppy, wonderful waves.

With that being said, I’m so excited to pause to take note that my second book—Discover Eden: Empowering Christian Women to Walk in Sexual Liberty—is now available!

So, what’s this all about? Well, I’m so glad you asked. You’re so inquisitive. Here’s a piece of fruit as a reward.

I offer information in a way that I wish someone had given it to me—direct, practical, non-sugar-coated, yet a little humorous to make it feel more relatable. I prayerfully speak into the areas in which I was misinformed, delusional, and extremely bound, and I discuss areas where I’ve awakened to a great adventure of life beyond sexual brokenness. My heart is to give glory to the Lord for the liberty I found in my restored sexuality.

More specifically, my primary goal in writing Discover Eden is to address the three main issues I most often encounter when I minister to women: understanding the godly purpose of sexuality, understanding pornography, and understanding homosexuality.

I’m developing a companion workbook that both individuals and small groups will find beneficial. Overall, I believe many people—no matter their marital status, gender, or age—can benefit from reading Discover Eden. And with Christmas around the corner, it would make a fabulous stocking stuffer!

Click here to check out Discover Eden: Empowering Christian Women to Walk in Sexual Liberty and let me know what you think. Please help Discover Eden‘s reach by sharing my Facebook and Instagram posts. And if you have time, writing an Amazon book review is very helpful.



Liz Flaherty lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Andy. They’ve been married since 2005, and have spent the majority of their marriage ministering to and mentoring people in areas of sexual wholeness and identity. She has written two books, Discover Eden: Empowering Christian Women to Walk in Sexual Liberty, and The God of My Parents: The Uncensored Account of My Journey to Find Identity.