Wow. Just give me a second.

Okay, sorry. I’m back. It sort of just hit me.

Hundreds of hours, easily. That’s what it took to write this love letter. It’s taken up a huge portion of my waking (and sometimes sleeping) time for well over five months now. Now that it’s done and I can look back on the process, I’m amazed at how it all developed.

I first felt led by the Lord to begin last year. I wrote a few thousand words in May, but then was distracted by my other business. After the new year came however I was facing a new reality: no car, no job, and nowhere to run when I felt the Lord say, “I gotcha, babe. You can’t run. It’s time to write.”

So I did.

Naturally I was intimidated by such a monumental task, but I spoke with my brother, who’s an incredible writer and editor, and he offered to coach me. So first came the outline, then the first draft, then a second, then a third, and a…  Well, I don’t really remember the final count. Each time my brother would comb through what I wrote, recounting many of the events himself as they unfolded in the story. There was a lot he already knew and a lot he didn’t, which brought an interesting dynamic to the process. Through countless hours on Skype we lived through all of it again, and sometimes this brought us new clarity or healing. Tears, laughter, frustration, pain, joy… You name it, and we probably felt it at one point or another. Throughout all of it I would apologize to my husband for my emotional outbursts and he would reply, “That’s okay. You’re pregnant with book.”

I wrote a book.